This one adresses to the one or two of you who might have noticed that VINDSVAL has experienced a change of name. To comfort you and to help you dry your tears, pleace notice that:

After a decad(enc)e of artistic thriving, coherence had innovation leave the halls of VINDSVAL to have it relocated to a theatre bearing the name of LE GRAND GUIGNOL.

For the francophobics among you, LE GRAND GUIGNOL means, dilettantishly translated, "the big buffoon", but we appeal to your general knowledge to make sure that you can situate the name in its appropriate artistic and historical context.

To the ones that never heard about VINDSVAL before, please have a cosy seat in the front row and read about the past acts of the band:


In winter, VINDSVAL comes fourth in the south of Luxembourg as the successor band of “Dregoth”, an extreme metal band founded by Patrick, Philip and Yves. (see, there has already been a change of name, and it hurt no one, so get used to the new -and definite!- one)
With both Patrick and Yves alternating on drums and guitars, an early collection of own songs is amateurishly recorded under the name of "Codex Nocturnus".

VINDSVAL is helped out by Shadow, himself drummer of the fellow luxembourgish black-metal band “Black Candle”. With his participation, the first and only real demo-tape “Of Heathen Blood And Soil” is recorded on august 16th. About 50 copies are given away among friends.

Having trouble finding appropriate rehearsal rooms in Luxembourg, VINDSVAL decides to build up the headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany, the home ( for studying purposes at that time) of Patrick and Philip.
By this decision the band has to leave Shadow and finds a new drummer in Michel, originally playing in the luxemburgish heavy-metal band “Dreams Of Nabid”.

With this line-up (Patrick, Philip, Yves, Michel) and after half a dozen of rehearsals, VINDSVAL enters the Psycho-Sound-Studios in Karlsruhe from february 15th to 17th to record its debut-album "Imperium Grotesque", with Patrick on guitars and bass and Yves on keyboards.
Shortly after the release of the self-produced and -financed debut, the band comes to meet Ingo, former bassist of the progressive-metal band “Timesphere” and only german member of VINDSVAL.

VINDSVAL signs a deal with “Skaldic Art Productions”, a label run by Vratyas Vakyas from Falkenbach.
The first Skaldic Art action for VINDSVAL is the re-release of the “Imperium Grotesque” album with an enhanced artwork.

VINDSVAL starts the recording- and writing-odyssey for their new album "The Great Maddening" at the Prosecco-Studios Karlsuhe (former Psycho-Sound). (see again, name-changes are popular in these latitudes)

VINDSVAL renames to LE GRAND GUIGNOL, who hereby finishes the endless recording sessions for "The Great Maddening" at the TidalWave Studios (former Prosecco and now run by Patrick himself). (see ... ah, you saw![sic!])
To suffice stereotypes ... not only red wines ripe with age ...
New-founded label MADDENING MEDIA gets plastered by "The Great Maddening" and begins a collaboration with LE GRAND GUIGNOL.

LE GRAND GUIGNOL opens the bottle and pours "The Great Maddening" for anyone daring enough to deal with the consequences! To be excessively consumed ...